Shares history 2007

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 28 April 2007 voted:

  1. to increase the company’s share capital with no charge to the shareholders by EUR 127,828,537.00, as follows:
    1. pursuant to and for the purposes of the first paragraph of Article 2442 of the Italian Civil Code, capitalisation of EUR 127,828.537.00 from the share premium account;
    2. ssue of 127,828,537 new ordinary shares with a nominal value of EUR 1.00 (one/00) each, with the same characteristics of the shares already outstanding (including dividend rights), to be allocated to each shareholder in the proportion of 1 (one) newly issued share for every 10 (ten) shares held at the date of the issue;
    3. assignment of he new ordinary shares issued with effect from 28 May 2007 or thereafter, established by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officers, including severally and not jointly, in compliance with the applicable regulations;
    4. without prejudice to the provisions set forth below, the right of assignment shall not be negotiable, and shall not be incorporated in the dematerialised coupon or listed on stock markets; the company shall endeavour to find one or more parties willing to sell to the shareholders, at one eleventh of the mean official stock price during the market day prior to the free capital increase, the fractional rights required up to the minimum amount necessary to allow them to obtain a whole number of shares, whilst acquiring the residual fractional rights that are insufficient, on their own, to subscribe a whole number of shares.