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The Human Safety Net 2024 Global Challenge concludes with record – breaking success

A record 558,000 euros was raised, allowing for greater support to families and refugees living in vulnerable conditions across the three continents in which The Human Safety Net operates

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The Human Safety Net’s 2024 Global Challenge surpassed all expectations by raising 558,000 euros in 25 countries, marking a significant increase from the 450,000 euros raised in 2023.

With around 5,000 participants activating over 200 challenges, including sports, cultural, and social activities designed to raise funds, our social impact will be profoundly amplified. Thanks to this extraordinary participation, we will be able to support 16,000 beneficiaries, especially children and parents involved in The Human Safety Net’s For Families Programme.

The Human Safety Net’s Global Challenge

Now in its fourth edition, The Human Safety Net’s Global Challenge is the annual international fundraising campaign that sees Generali employees and agents joining forces by activating fundraising pages and participating with colleagues in challenges organized in their own countries. These activities aim to support concrete projects managed by The Human Safety Net’s NGO partners, furthering our mission to help those in need.

Below are some of the initiatives that will be implemented:


The donation will provide 2,000 days of leisure and cultural activities for children and parents in over 10 locations. Parents will have the opportunity to co-create the daily programs, allowing families to experience unique moments like visiting museums or seeing the sea for the first time. This continuous support, available throughout the year, will help families strengthen their bonds and create learning opportunities for children.


The funds raised will provide quality care and professional support to 500 children and their families living outside major urban centers. Thanks to toy libraries with cognitive development toys open to the public, children will have access to valuable educational resources, contributing to their development and well-being.


In Malaysia, donations will offer an early education program for over one hundred children, five days a week, supporting parents during the workweek. This year-long program will ensure that children receive quality education, better preparing them for their future.


Throughout the year, cultural and educational visits will be organized for 500 families from 16 Family Centers. These visits will allow children to explore new areas of the city, broadening their horizons and developing new skills and knowledge. At the same time, family bonds will be strengthened through these shared experiences.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, more than 150 disadvantaged children and their families will be able to attend a two-week summer camp. The camp will offer activities designed to develop children's independence, self-control, determination, and resilience, creating unforgettable and valuable personal development experiences.

Visit The Human Safety Net’s website to discover more on the projects that will be activated in all countries of operation!

The Human Safety Net

Founded by Generali in 2017, The Human Safety Net aims to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable contexts so they can transform the lives of their families and communities. To achieve this, The Human Safety Net combines the strengths of non-profit organizations and the private sector.

The Human Safety Net’s Programmes

At a global level, the foundation operates through two programmes:

  • The For Families programme, supporting vulnerable families during the first six years of their children’s lives.
  • The For Refugees programme, offering refugees the tools to become successful entrepreneurs or the training they need to integrate into their host countries.

Generali's commitment as a Responsible Corporate Citizen

As a Responsible Corporate Citizen, Generali is committed to transforming and improving the lives of the most vulnerable people through The Human Safety Net’s global initiatives.

The foundation is a social innovation hub where Generali’s know-how, networks, and solutions can contribute to developing impactful activities for society and the most fragile, stimulating their potential and creativity. It is a key component of Generali's commitment to sustainability and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).