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Art and culture for sustainability

The importance of social impact reporting in promoting the role of arts and culture as drivers of inclusion and sustainable development

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How do organizations promote and support artistic heritage and cultural initiatives as drivers of sustainability? That is the focus of the research carried out by the Institute for Transformative Innovation Research (ITIR) of the University of Pavia in collaboration with Arte Generali, Banca Generali, and Deloitte, and presented during the "Art and Culture as Drivers of Sustainable Development" event in Milan's Generali Tower.

Key findings and takeaways

The aim of the study is to assess whether and how the profit and non-profit organisations interviewed are managing, measuring, and disclosing the social impact of their art and culture-related activities.

Monitoring and reporting are fundamental tools for boosting the potential of arts and culture in promoting sustainable development. However, only 20% of the organisations interviewed are committed to publishing information related to their art and cultural activities management, engaging in transparent communication of their performance and social impact.

Moreover, although it is promising that 74% of respondents are interested in measuring their social impact and 60% their economic impact, it is essential to increase understanding and awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help cultural organisations focus on them. Furthermore, the fact that about half of the organisations interviewed do not consider art as an asset is food for thought for everyone.

The event in Milan’s Generali Tower

The findings of the research were discussed during a panel moderated by Il Sole 24 Ore journalist Marilena Pirelli with the participation of Emma Ursich, Generali Group Head of Corporate Identity, Heritage & historical Archive and Executive Officer of The Human Safety Net, together with Maria Ameli, Banca Generali's Head of Corporate, Real Estate, Art Advisory, Family Protection & Planning, Antonio Calabrò (Musei di Impresa), Barbara Tagliaferri (Deloitte Italia), and Alberto Toffoletto (ADVANT Nctm). Among the topics discussed were the contribution of art and culture reporting to the UN 2030 Agenda, ESG challenges for the creative industries, and risk management in art and culture. 

The experts also highlighted the challenges and opportunities generated by the UNESCO framework for Culture and Arts Education, as well as the possibility of genuinely engaging with employees and customers through corporate heritage, and the importance of recalibrating the models of culture governance to further contribute to sustainable development.

Generali’s Sustainability Commitment

At Generali, enhancing the community's cultural heritage is an essential element of the commitment to being a Lifetime Partner and a Responsible Corporate Citizen. We support and engage in initiatives focused on positively impacting the well-being of all stakeholders, aiming to amplify the potential of art to foster social inclusion and sustainability.