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We LEARN Week 2023

Now in its fourth edition, Generali’s initiative dedicated to the We LEARN project shows the Group’s commitment to acting as a Responsible Employer, enabling its people to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to continue growing and contributing to the business’s strategic priorities in a sustainable way

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We LEARN week: Generali’s commitment as a Responsible Employer

For Generali, being a Responsible Employer means implementing a people strategy that is focused on culture, diversity, inclusion, upskilling, and new and more flexible ways of working. Therefore, this strategy also aims to provide employees with the skills needed for their professional growth as well as to contribute to the Group’s goals, enhancing the potential of each person and supporting talent in all its forms.

That is why Generali organises the We LEARN Week, the annual event dedicated to learning and professional development involving all Group people through training activities, workshops, and conferences.

What is We LEARN?

The We LEARN programme is Generali’s upskilling initiative launched in 2019, thanks to which the Group equips its people with the cutting-edge business, digital and behavioural skills to drive growth and make the difference in the new digital age, delivering them through a mix of classroom courses and digital learning.

We LEARN includes the following main components:

  • GLOBAL STRATEGIC LEARNING CAMPAIGNS: training pills for all Generali people, to spread awareness of the current strategic cycle objectives such as Strategy, Sustainability, and Next Normal;
  • UPSKILLING: digital and classroom courses and highly specializing learning path aimed to equip Generali people with the newest relevant skills to best perform in their current or new role, drive growth, make the difference in the digital age and thrive in the Next Normal;
  • PROFESSIONAL LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: collaborations with highly specialized partners, such as the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Institute, with the aim of conducting research initiatives and fostering increased knowledge and contamination in machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence.

The We LEARN platform

We LEARN offers an innovative learning experience thanks to:

  • A global platform to access courses and upskilling experiences, in order to improve existing skills and acquire new ones
  • The We LEARN mobile App, to access the programme everywhere and anytime
  • High-tech and high-quality courses
  • Interactive Journey and Learning Community

We LEARN gives Generali people the opportunity to get in touch with Group content experts and allows those who are interested to become ambassadors of the programme.

Upskilling, one of the priorities of the Generali People Strategy

Thanks to We LEARN, Generali aims to build a corporate culture based on learning, providing its people with the knowledge and tools to continue growing and support the business strategic priorities in a sustainable way, while enabling them to customize their training and upskilling experience.

Upskilling is among the priorities of the Generali People Strategy ‘Gpeople 24 – Ready for the Next’: within the 2022-2024 timeframe, it has the goal of unlocking the potential of all Group people and boosting the “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth” strategy.

In 2022, the share of upskilled employees reached 35% at the Group level. The goal of the current strategic cycle is to implement an upskilling journey that by 2024 will reach 70% of employees on a new catalogue of skills, competencies, and behaviours - with a renewed focus on sustainability and data-driven innovation.

During 2022, in fact, more than 5,000 Generali people have filled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) positions and used their STEM-related skills in their daily responsibilities. Of these, 35% are women.

Sustainability and the skills of the future at the centre of the 2023 We LEARN Week

The We LEARN Week is the annual learning event involving the entire Generali Group. During the We LEARN Week, Generali people have the opportunity to participate in training and professional development activities, such as workshops and conferences.

The programme of the We LEARN week

For its fourth edition, which took place from 8 to 12 May, the We LEARN Week focused on sustainability in its broadest sense and on the key skills to navigate today's changing landscape, also thanks to the "Sustainability Awareness Journey” e-learning course.

As part of We LEARN Week 2023, training sessions were organised locally by the We LEARN Network with the valuable contribution of internal and external speakers, who shared their experience and knowledge on the skills needed to succeed in today's ever-changing environment. It was a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world, exchange ideas and best practices, and grow together as a global community to become a Learning Organization.

The importance of upskilling for employees and the most in-demand skills

The digital transition, the development of technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the increasing adoption of smart working require workers to continuously update their skills. One of the main risks of the new work scenario is precisely the gap between the skills workers possess and those - especially the digital skills - demanded by companies and deemed necessary for the future. This is precisely what makes upskilling so important.

What does upskilling mean?

The term “upskilling” refers to the process of updating and enriching one’s skills and competencies - especially digital ones - in line with the transformation of job roles due to technological progress.

What are the most in-demand skills?

In addition to the technical skills related to the "professions of the future”, the so-called soft skills are also particularly appreciated by companies. They can be hands-on skills or character traits: among the former are problem solving, time management, analytical thinking and communication skills, while the latter include emotional intelligence, adaptability, listening, flexibility, leadership, and collaboration.