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The Human Safety Net 2021 Global Challenge

A unique fundraising event to help more parents, children and refugees all over the world

The Human Safety Net, Generali’s initiative for the communities, has launched its first Global Challenge, taking place from May 28 to June 13 to raise funds for vulnerable children, families, and refugees. 23 countries of operation of the Group have joined to create the biggest human chain of people helping people.

Activated by Generali volunteers, the campaign is built around national and personal challenges proposed by each country to collect funds with a single objective in mind: amplify our social impact and help more people amongst the most vulnerable in our communities.

Everyone sharing the same values and goals can contribute to further amplifying the success of this global campaign and help build an incredible chain of people helping people.

Visit The Human Safety Net fundraising platform to join the effort and discover more the challenges taking place around the world on The Human Safety Net’s website.