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          05 October 2020 - 18:00

          The Human Safety Net celebrates its first three years of activity

          Connecting Generali to the world, today and for the future

          In its first three years of activity, The Human Safety Net has gone a long way. By bringing together the expertise and experience of dozens of NGOs, social enterprises and experts worldwide, it aims at supporting vulnerable families and children fighting poverty, stress and neglect, as well as refugees’ efforts to launch new businesses to successfully integrate in host communities while facing complex regulations, the lack of networks and resources, a new culture and an unfamiliar business environment. On its journey towards unlocking human potential by inspiring people to help people, The Human Safety Net has therefore worked to build partnerships and collaborations with the ultimate aim of empowering people to become self-reliant and take control of their own lives. 

          The Human Safety Net’s activities are in line with Generali’s commitment to sustainability and the Group’s corporate purpose to enable people to shape a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams. It is the reason why we exist and it inspires and motivates us. In an increasingly complex world, our ability to care and help people by offering innovative, personalized solutions will enable them to take decisions and shape a safer future for themselves, their loved ones, their business, and their communities.

          Today, The Human Safety Net operates in 23 countries with more than 50 partners, managing centres for vulnerable families as well as projects supporting refugees who are seeking employment and integration opportunities. There is an incredible amount of untapped potential that can still be activated to support local communities all over the world. In three years, The Human Safety Net has successfully paved the way towards this goal and is committed to continuing this journey by enlarging its net with new partners and volunteers, engaging even more Generali people in its projects along the way.

          Discover more about The Human Safety Net’s journey and projects for the future in the words of Simone Bemporad, Director of Communications and Institutional Affairs, and Emma Ursich, Head of Group Corporate Identity & The Human Safety Net.