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          25 September 2020 - 18:00

          Smart Working Lions

          In today’s unprecedented circumstances, Generali’s employees all over the world have showed the challenges we can overcome when we stand together

          Extensive smart working is a significant part of the unprecedented historical moment we are living. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, in all of our premises worldwide we have put in place technology and processes that allow more than 90% of our employees to work from home on a full time basis, limiting their need to be physically present or commute to minimum levels.

          It was our choice since the very beginning of the emergency, both to protect our people’s health and wellbeing and to be always there for our customers in such challenging circumstances. Smart working is in fact a great opportunity to ensure business continuity while preserving both our personal and collective health.

          It is impressive how Generali people adapted to such a different way of working so smoothly and in so little time, showing what it means to be #SmartWorkingLions. A powerful reminder of what we can overcome when we stand together and proof that, despite these times of physical distancing, Generali will emerge from this crisis as an even stronger community than before.