Responsible Employer

Celebrating our Lifetime Partner Behaviours

It is our culture and values that keep us connected

This unprecedented year has seen us more connected than ever. Thanks to the efforts of all Generali people, we kept up the great work towards achieving the ambition to be a Sustainable Lifetime Partner to our people and customers.

But even more than devices, it was our culture and values that kept us connected: our Lifetime Partner Behaviours.

Ownership, Simplification, Human Touch and Innovation. Every day, they empower and engage us, keeping us closer than ever and united towards the new normal and the challenges and opportunities that will come with it.

Having an individual impact with smart decisions, proactivity and passion, challenging the status quo and embracing differences to boost innovation, while knowing the importance of empathy, mutual respect and collaboration: living these Behaviours every day in everything we do is the key to shape our future as a Sustainable Lifetime Partner.