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          01 August 2019 - 10:00

          Technical excellence and value for stakeholders

          The General Manager Frédéric de Courtois and Group CFO Cristiano Borean comment 2019 half- year results

          The first half of the year confirms the effective and disciplined implementation of the three-year strategic plan Generali 2021 in all business segments.

          The operating result grew by 7.6% to € 2,724 million, Net profit amounted to € 1,789 million (+34.6%), while the adjusted net profit was up by 6.4% to € 1,310 million. The Asset Management net profit was € 133 million (+22%).

          Generali today is an increasingly global insurance and asset management group, with technical excellence in the Life and P&C segments and distinctive expertise in asset management, allowing us to successfully overcome the competitive challenges of the sector to become lifetime partner to our customers.