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          03 July 2018 - 12:20

          Finance has no secrets

          From derivatives to investment funds, the words you need to know to better understand finance

          Do you know how a derivative works? Do you know what pension funds are and how they differ from investment funds? And what share volatility means?


          It is sometimes said that the world of finance has many secrets that it guards closely. In reality, it is less complicated than its language would seem. Here, in ten simple videos are the key words to better understand the world of finance.



          The key words of the world of finance

          The key words of the world of finance - Yield

          The yield of an activity is the total monetary income return, including capital earnings or losses, expressed as a percentage of its cost.

          The key words of the world of finance - GDP

          Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents the overall value of final goods and services produced in a country within a period of time, usually a year. GDP can also be described as an indicator of the wealth or living standards in a country.

          The key words of the world of finance - Risk

          In finance, risk is the uncertainty linked to the future value of an activity, financial instrument or any investment in general.