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          11 October 2016

          The future is driverless

          How driverless cars will change the movability

          How driverless cars will change the movability

          The idea of self-driving vehicles gained the first widespread public exposure at General Motors’ Futurama Exhibition during the New York World Fair in 1939. What at that time appeared as a futuristic project, today can become reality just in few years: it is estimated that within 2020 ten millions of electric cars will travel autonomously on the road without human control. Indeed, thanks to a software and a set of sophisticated sensors, these cars will be able to drive keeping the speed limits, detecting pedestrian crossings and determining the safety distance between them and the other vehicles. This is going to help both improving the road conditions and reducing car accidents. Giancarlo Michellone has studied and worked for long time on this topic, in particular as Fiat Research Center CEO from 1990 to 2006 and this is how he imagines the future driverless car.