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Of all visual experiences, looking at a work of art is perhaps the most mysterious

Of all visual experiences, looking at a work of art is perhaps the most mysterious.

What happens inside us when we see a painting, sculpture or historic building? This question has occupied brilliant and inquisitive minds for centuries, so we will not try to put forward any obvious solutions. But we think we can be sure of one thing: an artistic experience changes you, whether for a few moments, a day, or the rest of your life. Perhaps because – someone once said – a work of art is a generator of interpretations. Or perhaps, more simply, because it has the power to make us happy. The Generali Group plays an active role in what is now a key sector for modern economies, with huge social impacts. Our core business is, of course, based on the ability to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities. So protecting, preserving and conserving art is in line with our business vision. This is reflected in our historic buildings across Europe, our paintings and sculptures by hundreds of different artists, our archaeological museum in Rome and our modern art foundation in Vienna, as well the exhibitions and events we sponsor around the world. Since the very beginning, it has played a special role in Generali’s nearly 200 years of history.


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