Responsible Insurer

Values in two centuries of Generali history

Our values are our heritage. They have been part of Generali’s way of doing business stretching back across the 19th and 20th centuries and underpin our strategy today.

These values are part of the kind of organisation we are, the kind of people we value and the kind of talented individuals we seek to attract in the future. Discover more about how Generali has lived its values through its history.



In its hometown of Trieste, Generali is legendary for its stability and economic solidity. Its shares were commonly known as the “gold of Trieste”. The legend has it that even children are told that, if they have to sell, they should get rid of their home, their business, their boat, anything but not their Generali shares.

                                   Aldo Castellani


The “Marcinelle orphan” was named after the coal mining tragedy in Belgium that in 1956 killed 262 people, about half of them Italian emigrants. Generali responded to the disaster not only with financial support but also by “adopting” an 11-year-old boy from the Friuli region whose father died in the fire. The insurance company supported Aldo Castellani through his education with a view to him joining as an employee. Over half a century later, Aldo was still with the company working in our Trieste offices. He recently left the company but still continues to be an active member of our community of retired colleagues.


Way back in 1959, Generali was already demonstrating a meritocratic approach and a willingness to promote its best people, regardless of background. Although couched in the language of the time, this brochure for new hires stated: “The doors are open and there are no limits to your aspiration – which we hope is alive but reasonable – in climbing to the highest levels of the corporate hierarchy other than your ability to develop and improve your technical ability and as a person, other than your drive to succeed.”