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Against the most global of risks

Managing catastrophic risks is becoming a key asset

Insurance groups – especially if they have a global reach – play a crucial role in sophisticated modern economies, given their ability to generate value and drive growth, and to foresee and address a variety of major challenges in today’s world.

For example, the challenges relating to demographic change, with longer life expectancies and ageing processes, are a critical issue for national welfare strategies. Then there are the challenges surrounding the environment, climate change and their consequences – areas that enormously expand the possible scope of activities in Generali’s sector. As such, the ability to manage catastrophic risks is becoming a key asset for the most prudent and innovative organisations.

This area is seeing dramatic year-on-year growth in the number of events and total damage (110 billion euro in 2014), with major impacts on the futures of the affected communities. It calls for technical ability, expertise in specific financial instruments, and awareness of the social role being played to help affected communities, ensuring that the effects of disasters are not irreversible.

Against the most global of risks