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          We seek homogeneity in the world, a symmetry and balance that are often not there: reality constantly reveals contradictions, instability, imbalance. Asymmetries are part of our world, and we have to learn to recognise, accept, and manage them, to turn them into opportunities – whether in economics, politics, or the little big things in our daily lives.


          It is only by recognising asymmetries that we can extract value from them instead of creating rifts in the system.
          by Andrea Sironi

          Asymmetries are matter for debate for economists, politicians and sociologists, but they also influence our own lives.
          by Paola Peduzzi

          Crises increase inequality, but we are learning to address their impact. In Italy, for example...
          by Azzurra Rinaldi

          The age we live in is marked by profound discontinuities almost unprecedented in recent times.
          by Philippe Donnet

          What truly distinguishes the EU’s wealthiest cities from its poorest?
          by Alessandro Gandolfi

          The development of our cities does not follow a centre-suburb process any longer, but rather new and complex trajectories that create “spatial asymmetries”.
          by Sonia Stefanizzi

          We do not all have equal access to education. Distance learning has been a prime example of the improved opportunities available to the economically and socially well-off.
          by Claudio Giunta

          There is a mismatch in the skills required by employers and those offered by employees.
          by Lidia Baratta

          Symmetry and asymmetry have taken on changing significance in the representation of the aesthetic canon of different periods.
          by Andrea Batilla

          The High Price of CashmereThe dramatic impact of goats on Mongolia’s economy.
          by Beniamino Pisati

          With SME EnterPRIZE, Generali promotes the culture of sustainability among European small and medium enterprises.
          The Editorial Office

          Generali promotes diversity, equity and inclusion as a means of creating value.
          The Editorial Office

          The renovation of the Procuratie Vecchie building is a reflection of Venice’s status as a laboratory of sustainability and inclusion.
          The Editorial Office

          The Human Development Index has declined for the second consecutive year, but it’s not too late to reverse the trend.
          The Editorial Office