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    Philippe Donnet

    Philippe Donnet - Ph. Giuliano Koren
    • Executive Director as Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer
    • Chair of the Investment and Strategic Operations Committee
    • Chair of the Group Management Committee
    • Manager in charge of the Internal Control and Risk Management System
    • Born in Suresnes (France) on 26 July 1960


    Philippe Donnet has been appointed Managing Director and Group CEO of Generali on 17 March 2016.

    Between 1985 and 2007 he held various positions within the AXA Group, most recently serving as CEO, Asia Pacific. In 2007 he became the Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Wendel Investissement, Singapore. In 2010 he co-founded the investment management company HLD in Paris. On 7 October 2013 he joined Generali as Country Manager Italy and CEO of Generali Italia, position he held until May 2016. In this role, he led the programme to merge the five Generali brands operating in Italy, one of Europe's most complex integration and simplification projects.

    Philippe Donnet graduated from the École Polytechnique in Paris and the Institut des Actuaires Français.

    Knight of the National Order of Merit (France).


    There are no relevant positions for our policy on the plurality of offices.

    Other positions

    • Vice-Chair and member of the Executive Committee of ANIA
    • Chair of MIB School of Management


    For information on Philippe Donnet’s shareholdings, see the shareholdings section.