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          AGM 2021 LIVE STREAMING

          For the 2021 Shareholders 'Meeting, which will be held without the physical attendance of shareholders, Generali offers the possibility to its shareholders entitled to vote to attend the entire proceedings of the Meeting via a video live streaming.

          AGM 2021 LIVE STREAMING

          Gabriele Galateri di Genola

          AGM 2021 LIVE STREAMING

          Philippe Donnet
          Group CEO

          AGM 2021 LIVE STREAMING

          Cristiano Borean
          Group CFO

          For the Shareholders' Meeting of 29th April 2021, Assicurazioni Generali will offer the opportunity to follow the Meeting’s proceedings in video live streaming. In this way an increasingly larger audience of shareholders will be able to easily witness this important moment of corporate communication.

          The live streaming will begin at 9:00 am on 29th April 2021.

          The  live streaming service will also be available for all, aside from the Italian version, with simultaneous translation in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian Sign Language. Italian subtitles will also be available.

          Since the Annual General Meeting is a private event, access to the video streaming of the whole Meeting will be allowed only for those that will have requested the communication for participation in the Assembly from their custodian (under art. 83-sexies of the CLFI) and, as a consequence, will be certified as shareholders on the 15th April 2021, the record date.  

          Those who did not request the communication to attend the Shareholders' Meeting, including those who are not shareholders, will have access to the live video streaming of the public part of the Meeting only, including the opening speeches by the Company’s top management.

          Advance registration will be required to access the live stream: limited identificatory data will be requested, including an e-mail address, and, for shareholders entitled to vote, information on the communication for participation requested from the custodian.
          It is kindly recommended to register as soon as possible with the procedure available from 15th April 2021 through the underlying button "ACCESS TO STREAMING".

          AGM 2021 LIVE STREAMING - Available from April 15

          AGM 2021 LIVE STREAMING - Available from April 15


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