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          For the 2020 AGM, that will take place without direct participation by physical persons, Generali will give its shareholders legitimated to vote the possibility to follow the whole AGM proceedings through a live audio streaming.

          Generali was among the first companies in Italy to broadcast part of the AGM proceedings in streaming, in relation with the opening speeches by the company’s top management; this year, as a consequence of the exceptional situation and the particular means with which it is held, the possibility of giving all shareholders access to an audio live streaming service of the entire AGM was put in place.
          In the complicated environment in which we are living now, the Company is once again demonstrating how innovation, one of the three pillars of the Generali 2021 strategic plan, is fundamental to stand at the side of all our stakeholders and become their Life-time partner.

          As the Annual General Meeting is a private event, the access to the AGM streaming will be allowed only for those that will have requested the communication for participation in the Assembly from their custodian (under art. 83-sexies of the CFBA) and as a consequence will be certified as shareholders on the 16th of April, the record date.  
          The Company has decided that the service will be available directly through Computershare S.p.A.’s portal. The same Company has also been appointed as Designated Representative for our AGM of 30 April 2020.
          The portal will be available at the link below: in order to access it a registration will be required (valid also to confer a proxy to the Designated Representative – please see the Procedure for participation and voting by proxy on the matter, available on the AGM 2020 page) and a specific request for the live audio streaming.

          Requests for the audio streaming service will be possibile from 18.00 hours of 16 April 2020, to 24.00 hours of 28 April 2020.

          All requests will be accepted subject to verification of the valid receival of the communication for participation in the Assembly, mentioned above, by Assicurazioni Generali through Computershare. Said validation will be visible on the streaming portal, also at a later date than the streaming request, when the communication has been sent by the intermediary.

          The live audio streaming will start at the same time of the meeting proceedings at 11.00 on 30 April 2020,  and will be accessible through the same platform using the same USERNAME and PASSWORD chosen during the registration.