AGM 2024 - How to vote

The 2024 Shareholders' Meeting has been convened with the exclusive presence of the Designated Representative, to whom the Shareholders will be able to grant proxy and voting instructions to participate in this important moment of institutional communication.

In accordance with decree law no. 18 of 17 March 2020 (the Decree), converted with law no. 27 of 24 April 2020 (its effects have been extended until 30 April 2024 by decree law no. 215 of 30 December 2023 converted by law no. 18 of 23 February 2024), participation and vote of entitled shareholders to the Annual General Meeting will be possible exclusively through the Designated Representative pursuant art. 135-undecies of the CLFI.

The Designated Representative is a free service that shareholders can use by granting their proxy and relevant voting instructions on the items on the agenda in a context of transparency and impartiality.

The proxy to the Designated Representative pursuant to article 135-undecies of the CLFI can be granted by signing the relevant form, and delivering it to Computershare S.p.A. by 12.00 pm of 22 April 2024 via one of the following alternative ways: Registered E-mail (PEC) holders can send it as an attachment (PDF format) to a Registered e-mail to generali@pecserviziotitoli.itDigital Signature (FEA) holders can send it as an electronically signed attachment also via e-mail. Those who do not dispose of a Registered E-mail address or Digital Signature can send a copy of the proxy in a PDF format via regular e-mail to, and to send the original signed proxy formed and relevant documentation to Computershare S.p.A. via Nizza 262/73, 10126 Turin (TO), Italy.

Without prejudice to the need for a proxy to be granted to the Designated Representative, the latter may also be granted proxies or sub-proxies pursuant to article 135-novies of the CLFI, also in derogation of the provisions of art. 135-undecies.4, of the CLFI. The proxy form available on the Company website may be used to grant such proxies.

To facilitate the conferral of the proxy and voting instructions, it will be also possible to fill in and send them through the online Platform of the Delegated Representative, PLAST, which will allow direct forwarding of the documents to Computershare S.p.A. until 12.00 noon on 23 April 2024.

Please note that in order to access said service, a registration is mandatory: a few identification details will be required, including a valid e-mail address and information on the communication issued by the intermediary. 

From that same online platform, Shareholders entitled to attend the General Meeting, i.e.  those who required the communication for attendance to the Meeting pursuant art. 83-sexies of the CLFI to their intermediaries, will be able to access the live streaming service to follow the entire meeting procedures.

Please note that proxy forms and relevant voting instructions shall be sent solely to the Designated Representative. Proxies have no effect for items to which no voting instruction is given. Proxies and relevant voting instructions can be withdrawn the same way they were conferred.

Please note that the meeting’s agenda, complete with all voting items, could be subject to amendments until 8 April 2024 as a consequence of the possible individual proposals for resolutions put forth by shareholders as set out in the notice of call. Consequently, it is recommended to wait until the 9 April 2024 to confer the proxy complete with voting instructions, in order to be able to express the voting instructions on all voting items already when conferring the proxy.