Generali Adventures

My name is Bruna.
I’m a normally special kind of girl. I work by writing and write by working.
Then one afternoon I get a call, and suddenly find myself immersed in an adventure spanning three centuries, from steam-powered vessels to space explorations… it’s time to get started, baby!
Come with me…


A tale of Assicurazioni Generali, between history and comics

6 stories, 6 extraordinary adventures inspired by real events.
Discover the historical clues hidden in the comics’ pages!

Generali turned 190

To mark this anniversary, we want to tell you about 6 important moments in its history, intertwined with the events of Great History, but also with the lives and ideas of the people who have traced and marked its path through the centuries.
With Generali Adventures, we shared the values that have always been part of the Company’s DNA: its drive for innovation, its openness to different cultures, and its commitment to a more open, prosperous, and supportive society. We did so by giving new life to some characters, "superheroes" from the past, exceptionally normal people who reach through the pages to touch us in the present.


Founded in Trieste in 1831, Generali was born an innovative and cosmopolitan Company


A protagonist through the most important pages of the Twentieth century


Projected into the future and contributing to building a more sustainable society

Who is Bruna?

Who is Bruna?

Who is Bruna? Bruna, the blogger who will steal you away from traditional stereotypes and take you to a decidedly more "pop" and irreverent dimension? Bruna "La Rossa” (The Red) who explores, dreams, rummages, searches, who never gives up, Bruna who speaks her mind... Bruna who represents the amazement of those who discover fragments of identity in the past that compose the present, and the future... Bruna who reconstructs 190 years of Generali's history, challenging even herself.
Are you intrigued yet? We had fun creating this book, and we hope you will have fun reading it and have a chance, at least this time, to put aside everything you have ever known, or thought you knew, about insurance.

Who is Bruna?