Our roles

As a global organisation with a presence in over 50 countries, we offer a wide variety of possibilities - from customer-facing roles in agencies or in our investment area to behind-the-scenes roles, supporting our people and working with the latest technology.

Here’s a snapshot of our roles. Get to know the people who live them and discover if they fit with what you want to be.

Strategy & Business Development

In these roles, your mission will be to help develop, steer and promote our Group Strategy, to identify and engage with new Business Development opportunities scouting new potential partners and fostering a culture of innovation. 

Insurance & Re-insurance

In these roles your mission will be to help share and promote our technical excellence which, in turn, helps us enhance our operating result. You will do this by working across a number of insurance portfolios, acting upon Life, P&C, Claims and Distribution. Our Reinsurance colleagues take care of all the reinsurance contracts related to our Business Units, ensuring  capital and cost optimization.

Customer facing

The very heart of who we are; when we meet our customers, this is the face we show to the world. The mission of these roles is to enrich the experience for the customer.


When you work in Marketing, your mission is two-fold, first, to bring the "voice of the customer" to Generali. Second to build a global brand that engages the hearts and minds of employees, clients and partners alike via the development and execution of a market positioning that is compelling, distinctive and consistent across our diverse geographies.

IT and Digital

In these roles, you will be the enabler of our digital transformation and simplification. You will follow Group strategies for IT and operations, such as data acquisition, analysis and management, global strategic sourcing, operational efficiency … and much more.

Human Resources

HR has the perception to many that you are far from the action – but the truth is youwill take care of our people, that are our most valuable asset, and you will contribute to the achievement of Generali business targets through the development and implementation of people initiatives. 


In these roles your mission will be to define strategies and guidelines of internal and external communication, corporate image development, Group sustainability and promotion of the artistic and cultural heritage, while assuring that there is always a clear delivery and coherence with the Group’s overall strategy.