"Immagina" – insurance from another perspective

Imagine insurance as a playlist that we can create and edit as we wish.
A personalised playlist of prevention, protection and assistance, that is simple and flexible, allowing us to take care, every day, of all aspects of our lives: family, home, health, and mobility.
It was with this philosophy that "Immagina" (Imagine) was created, a line of solutions that integrate services and simplify our daily lives by adapting to needs as they evolve.
The young single woman who today wants to use her car without worries, could tomorrow extend her insurance to also cover her son in the car. All in a simple way, with a consultant to accompany her and a single contract.
The couple expecting their first child will be able to add a savings plan for the family’s future to the protection of the house they have just bought, and activate extra protection when they are away from home on holiday.
The independent manager used to travelling and using various means of transport will be able to protect an additional five people, such as the babysitter who takes the children to school in the family car, or the person who cares for his elderly parents.
The retired couple living alone will be able to count on a selected health network, request a home visit from a doctor, and easily book personalised check-ups and consultations, as well as make any requests for reimbursement of medical expenses. And, if they are not technology-savvy, to ask their children and grandchildren for help in order to have everything available through the MyGenerali app. In the same way, they will be able to activate insurance for the puppy they have just adopted, protecting its health with the reimbursement of medical expenses and offering them liability coverage for third party damages.

When it designed the "Immagina" line, Generali Italia started with people’s practical needs, their habits and lifestyles. As such, it has come up with extremely useful and innovative services that make life easier.
Services such as “Find my vehicle” and “Geo-fencing”, which allow you to see where your car is parked and to trace a virtual enclosure with an alert sent if the vehicle leaves the predetermined area (in case it is given to another person to drive, for example). Or “Real Time Coaching”, which monitors the driver’s driving style every day in order to improve it and avoid dangerous behaviour behind the wheel.

Or even “Home in Touch”, with which the user can check what’s happening at home with a camera, receive timely notifications on their smartphone in the event of flooding, fire, or power surges, and immediately request the intervention of a specialist through the operations centre.
Or even medical consultations via videocall or app, available even at night and on public holidays, and “Everyday Protection” for prompt support that guarantees home assistance in the event of unforeseen events, with services such as babysitting and the sending of family helpers to carry out household chores.
There are also “personalised health check-ups”, because prevention is better than cures, and telephone legal advice thanks to “Lawyer on Call” for a more peaceful relationship life. 
Finally, there is “Pet in Touch”, which helps you to remotely monitor your four-legged friends, to always know where they are, even when you are away from home.

From this perspective, the focus of insurance is prevention and assistance, as well as, of course, protection against the negative consequences that may occur. In a dynamic society like today’s, in constant motion and acceleration, "Immagina" aims to provide valuable prevention support, with modern services that promote responsible behaviour and guarantee immediate and effective assistance. Services that employ the most innovative technologies and that actually get used because they are considered of practical help in protecting everyday life.

(Before subscription, please read the insurance policy information sheet available on generali.it)