Imagine a chat that comes from the future

What you are about to read is not real but is a plausible exchange between a Generali customer, an "Immagina" (Imagine) policyholder, and his consultant.
Ten years on, an old smartphone found in a drawer after a move reveals how the client had a “Lifetime Partner” in his consultant and the company.


Fabio – Generali consultant
Silvio – Customer 
Anna – Silvio’s wife
Federico – Silvio and Anna’s son

Names, characters, institutions, places and episodes are works of the imagination and are not to be considered real. Any resemblance to facts, scenarios, organisations or people, living or dead, real or imaginary, is entirely coincidental.

February 2020

SILVIO – Hi Fabio, sorry for bothering you on a Sunday, but we’re now back from our holiday in the mountains and in the meantime the washing machine has gone haywire and flooded the downstairs neighbour! Does the policy cover this mess?

FABIO – Hi Silvio, no problem, you can contact the plumber through MyGenerali or by calling the number I shared with you… and then we can also resolve the damage to the neighbour’s apartment.

SILVIO – But is it included?

FABIO – Of course, yes.

SILVIO – Lucky I came back! The schools close tomorrow and we were thinking about staying and skiing for a few more days … that thing flooded the whole building!

FABIO – If you activate the In Touch service, the sensor will automatically manage warnings, alerting you on the app on your phone!

A month later

FABIO – Hi Silvio. Is the washing machine sorted out? Let me know. Fabio

SILVIO – Fabio! Yes, all sorted. Sorry I didn’t let you know earlier. I would have written to you in the next few days: my son Federico has just got his driving licence and I don’t trust him with the car, what should I do? Do I sell it and just ride my bike? If it were up to me, he would only drive it in the shared car park!

FABIO – Just the shared car park seems a little over the top to me, however, you can set up geo-fencing.

SILVIO – Geo-fencing?

FABIO – It’s a digital service linked to the black box you installed in the car – if your son goes beyond the “virtual enclosure” you’ve established, you’ll be notified immediately!

SILVIO – Ah, great!

FABIO – There’s also Real Time Coaching, which allows you to monitor your driving style… and your son’s 😊 every day. It will help you avoid dangerous behaviour behind the wheel.

FABIO – P.S. We can also install the Panic Button… just press it in an emergency to speak directly with the assistance centre.

SILVIO – You’re a saviour!!

Two months later, during the first lockdown of 2020

SILVIO – (VOICE MESSAGE) Hi Fabio, I hope you and your family are well, we’re stuck in the house like everyone else – as I’m sure you can hear in the background, there’s lots of singing from the balconies. I’m bothering you because Anna isn’t feeling very well: we’re almost certain she doesn’t have Covid, but we’d like a doctor’s opinion, it’s just that contacting our GP is impossible at the moment. Can you give us a hand?

FABIO – Hi Silvio, I’m fine thanks, and luckily my family is too. Give me a call and I’ll explain how to contact a doctor through your MyGenerali App. You can have a videocall, it’s available night and day.

Summer 2020

SILVIO – Fabio, I hope I’m not disturbing you while you’re on holiday, but I’m really in trouble. We are on holiday and we have a serious problem with the person who rented the house to us… before going to the police, I’d like to speak with a lawyer… If I remember correctly, there’s a legal advice service in the policy, isn’t there? Thanks!

FABIO – Hi Silvio, yes there is, you can use “Lawyer on Call”, the telephone legal advice service, from the MyGenerali App.
Don’t worry, sometimes an email from a lawyer is all it takes and everything works out. Enjoy your holiday.

SILVIO – Thanks so much!... Once this is sorted I hope to finally be able to enjoy my holiday in peace!

Autumn 2020

SILVIO – Fabio, it’s me again, your worst nightmare!

FABIO – Hi Silvio, don’t worry, tell me what’s up.

SILVIO – Anna and Federico convinced me to get a dog. I didn’t want one at first, but now, of course, the puppy is like a second child, and when we’re away I’m scared he might escape. I thought there was a system to monitor him…

FABIO – Of course, if you activate “Pet in touch” you can check on him from your phone, and if he tries to escape, you can leave right away to go and get him back.

This Chat that comes from the future recounts our present… the one we couldn’t imagine but that we are all facing together.

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