Group portal

We have implemented a Group portal to improve the selection, assessment and qualification of partners. The project is divided into multiple phases and will initially involve our main business units (France, Germany, Italy, GOSP, Group Head Office). The project is divided into two phases and will initially involve our main business units (France, Germany, Italy, Generali Shared Services, Group Head Office). In defining the processes, we worked transversally with the departments in order to identify the most effective assessment systems able to combine impacts, risks and the sustainability of choices. A questionnaire was prepared based on environmental, social and health & safety issues and on compliance with the ethical principles, which represents the threshold to access the assessment process and then enter the Generali Supplier list. As previously mentioned, a basic requirement is compliance with the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group. Applicants may also provide us with any further useful information - such as policies, certifications or monitoring systems - which better specifies the management system they implement to ensure compliance with the rules.

The portal was also integrated with information from main infoproviders that provide us with significant economic and financial data, possible conflicts of interest and indications regarding reputational risks based on lists of companies that have been reported for corruption, money laundering, international sanctions, etc..
In order to avoid ruling out in advance small sized enterprises, which may not meet all the requirements requested from large enterprises, specific approval procedures were implemented which are designed to perform an ad hoc analysis. The supplier assessment process will be further developed during the course of 2017 and the supplier relationship manager will take on a new role aimed at ensuring greater transparency and fairness in the relations with suppliers.