Group Performance Management

At Generali, we value Performance Management as a key enabler for the transition to the Next Normal. We focus on supporting our People towards continuous development, ownership of results and building valuable and trustful connections together to unlock the value of a new sustainable way of working where we can flourish living our customer-centric, inclusive, and meritocratic culture.

With these ambitions in mind and building on the grounds of the existing Group Performance Management framework, in 2021 Generali decided to evolve its Performance Management framework. The aim was to be more flexible and agile and to better adapt to the new ways of working and the hybrid working model we have decided to adopt. We strived to put our People at the center and so we reshaped the new Group Performance Management framework with the collaboration of hundreds of colleagues globally.

The new Group Performance Management framework was launched in 2022 at a global level, involving all eligible employees.

In the new Performance Management framework, Ownership is shared, with Employees and Managers partnering together. Employees are owners of goal setting, feedback collection and Individual Development Plan proposal while Managers are owners of performance appraisal:

  • Goal Setting: leveraging on the strategic directions, Employees identify and propose the objectives for the year including What, How and the newly introduced Know How Goals.  Proposed goals are then reviewed and finalized together with the Manager. Employees can update their goals flexibly throughout the year also leveraging on touchpoints with their Manager;
  • Continuous Feedback: Employees have now the possibility to collect multidimensional feedback from peers, direct reports, and key stakeholders to have a 360-degree view from the organization. Employees are also required to schedule a Mid-Year Feedback meeting with their Manager, which wasn’t formalized in the previous process, to discuss about performance and their Individual Development Plan based on the feedback received;
  • Performance Appraisal: to avoid any potential bias, in evaluating Employees’ annual performance and potential to cover a more challenging role in the future, Managers can now leverage on a yearly qualitative self-appraisal of the Employee and feedback collected from stakeholders. To improve fairness, Managers are also invited to adapt their People’s appraisals based on Team’s performance. Moreover, Managers and Employees are encouraged to have continue and agile conversations throughout the year to allow meaningful and frequent performance and development discussions;
  • Individual Development Plan: Employees self-propose their continuous IDP for the following year and discuss it with their Manager based on the three new targets of strengths, areas of improvement and aspirations

To ensure the full adoption across the Group of the key characteristics of the evolved Performance Management by 2024, Generali has identified 4 mandatory KPIs, to monitor the new framework implementation (What / How / Know-How Goals, Qualitative Self Appraisal, Mid-Year Feedback Meeting and Continuous and open IDP).

What we have shaped together is a new experience for our Managers and Employees to increase ownership, development, flexibility, and meritocracy to drive results and engagement in the Next Normal.