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          We have invested heavily in waste separation and recycling in recent years, as we believe that nothing should be wasted and everything can be recycled.

          To improve the effectiveness of our initiatives, we have launched dedicated campaigns at many Group companies to raise employee awareness on separated waste.

          Paper and cardboard account for the majority of separately collected waste. At every site there are containers for separate collection of paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminium. Other metals, wood, wet waste, used oil, sanitary waste, hazardous waste, IT waste and toner are also collected separately.

          We pay close attention to proper disposal of waste that poses the greatest threat or damages the environment.


          IT waste, comprising disused electronic equipment, is returned to suppliers or sent to plants that dispose of them and recover any reusable parts.


          The majority of used toner cartridges are returned to suppliers to be recycled or refilled, while the remainder are disposed of as required by law.


          Hazardous waste (neon tubes, batteries, etc.) accounts for only a tiny percentage of our rubbish and is disposed of separately in an appropriate manner, using specialist companies and maintaining records and mandatory documentation, in accordance with the regulations in force in each country.

          PERFORMANCE IN 2018

          55.000 q

          waste collection

          1,6 q

          per capita waste collection

          Separate waste collection
          Separately collected waste  79%
          Incinerated waste/Waste disposed of landfills  21%