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          Paper is the most used material in our industry.

          The following systems to reduce paper consumption are already widely used:

          • electronic file storage and document “dematerialisation”
          • the use of email and text messages in communications between companies, agencies and clients
          • the sale of insurance products using tablets and electronic signatures (pilot project)

          In all countries covered by the EMS, individual printers, photocopiers and fax machines are being replaced with multifunctional machines and centralised printers for each office or floor.


          To limit the overall weight of the paper we consume, wherever possible we purchase material with a lower-than-average unit weight. Over 86% of the paper used in 2016 was certified ecological paper from forests managed in accordance with environmental, social and economic standards set by national and international regulations.

          Aside from eco-friendly paper, we are also committing to buying low environmental-impact stationery and toner. Many countries have a catalogue of green products including solvent-free pens with water-based inks, pencils made with wood from sustainably managed forests, and toner produced with recycled and/or regenerated materials.

          Targets 2020

          • -15% paper consumption
          • Achieving 95% in the amount of ecological paper

          PERFORMANCE IN 2018

          53,524 q

          paper consumption

          (-30% compared to 2013)

          1.1 q

          per capita paper consumption