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    Greenhouse gas emissions

    Greenhouse gas emissions

    We believe that the correct and systematic quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is important for verifying the results of initiatives to reduce them, in order to contribute to reducing global pollution.

    To this end, we have implemented a monitoring system at all our sites and set up periodic checks: one for figures from the first half of the year and the other for the figures at 31 December.
    Based on the results, we assess the effectiveness of our actions and identify new ways to ensure that our facilities are increasingly efficient.


    We produce an annual Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Generali Group, with reference to the Environmental Management System, which quantifies, analyses and reports on GHG emissions in a clear, detailed and transparent way.


    Since 2011, the certification body RINA Services SpA has certified our direct (Scope 1) and indirect GHG emissions from energy consumption (Scope 2), in accordance with ISO 14064-1 standard.


    In 2016, total GHG emissions resulting from electricity, thermal energy, business travel, water, paper and waste amounted over 118 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) – a like-for-like reduction of 5.1% compared to 2013.

    Target 2020

    The group has set the goal of cutting emissions 20% by 2020 (base year 2013)

    Performance in 2016

    118.290 t


    (-5.1% compared to 2013)

    2,28 t

    CO2e per capita


    Breakdown of GHG emissions

    Performance in 2016

    Breakdown of GHG emissions by Scope

    The table below shows GHG emissions split into three categories (“scopes”), adopting the approach set out in ISO 14064-1 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

    Categories (scope GHG Emissions
    (t CO2e)
      2013* 2016

    Change 2016/2013 on a like-for-like basis

    Scope 1- Direct emissions, produced by heating systems and using the fleet of company vehicles 18,439 21,881 18.6%
    Scope 2- Indirect emissions from energy consumption, associated with the use of electricity and district heating 59,070 55,885 -5.4%
    Scope 3- Indirect emissions not from energy consumption, connected to employee business travel, consumption of paper and water, and waste disposal. 47,184


    Total 124,693 118,290 -5.1%

    * like-for-like (base year)

    Verification statement of the emissions inventory 2015 163 kb  
    Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Generali Group 2015 3 mb  
    Verification statement of the emissions inventory 2014 153 kb  
    Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Generali Group 2014 2 mb