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          How we contribute

          In 2018, funds voluntarily allocated to non-profit organizations, or pursuing social goals, amounted to € 12.9 million.

          Of these, approximately € 3.6 million were allocated to initiatives within the three programs of The Human Safety Net (THSN) in the countries were THSN operates.


          Our activity, aimed at improving life in the communities in which we operate, is mainly based on:

          • financial donations: in 2018, 97.4% of total contributions
          • donations of goods and services (in-kind): in 2018, 1.7% of total contributions
          • time donations (corporate volunteering): in 2018, 0.9% of total contributions


          Usually the contributions are managed directly by the companies, while in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary we also have foundations, which operate according to the purposes of the respective statutes.


          In January 2017, we joined the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) and  since then we classify our community investments according to their reporting method.

          The areas we contributed to in 2018 were:

          How we contribute

          In 2018, our employees were involved in corporate voluntary initiatives, providing 4,095 hours during working time for activities in favor of non-profit organizations.