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          Living the community

          Living the community

          On the idea of community and its declinations we have built our history and our and brand recognition: live the community is one of our main values.


          We are an active corporate citizen by promoting partnerships with and between innovative companies, on one hand with a special focus on start ups and hubs, in order to help the economic system and entrepreneurship to grow; on the other hand we support public and private organization committed to make people lives better.

          With regard to the latter, aware of the long-term social and demographic trends that affect people's lives, since 2017 through The Human Safety Net, our important Group initiative, we are focused on three important socio-demographic issues:

          • Social mobility, through The Human Safety Net for Families
          • Migration, through The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups
          • Newborns mortality, through The Human Safety Net for Newborns

          At the same time, local entities continue to dedicate resources to and financially support different initiatives.