Generali Health Professionals Initiative

Among the actions linked to the International Extraordinary Fund of up to 100 million euro, Generali launched “Generali Health Professionals”, an initiative dedicated to the Health sector in some of the countries where the Group operates.
Our aim is to provide free COVID-19 insurance coverage and to support the Health sector professionals.

Thanos Moulovasilis, Generali’s Group Head of Life & Health Insurance, said: “Health Professionals have been operating under enormous pressure and making a priceless contribution to the local societies during the COVID-19 emergency. As a Life-Time Partner, we would like to humbly offer them a dedicated insurance cover that also takes account of the local conditions.”

The cover range varies between different countries and may include daily hospitalisation allowance, convalescence indemnity, lump sum and monthly payments in case of death, psychological support to the Professionals & their families or video-consultation. 

The initiative has been currently launched in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Thailand.