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          The Gallery: Generali brings art in the heart of CityLife district in Milan

          Transforming a hidden place into an artistic experience for the city; this is the innovative ambition of The Gallery, the new project promoted by Generali, presenting a new design for the metro station, Tre Torri, in the heart of the CityLife district. It also doubles as a display of art work from up and coming artists, featuring people and their stories. The metro station becomes, in this way, not only a passage-way but a truly unique underground museum located in one of the most innovative spots of the city.

          The Tre Torri station tells its stories thanks to the works of Moreno De Turco, representing the daily routine of people as they commute, and of Emiliano Ponzi, who illustrates daily life in a large city, providing a harmonious vision of everyday life, with which travellers can identify themselves.

          Thanks to The Gallery, art and culture can enrich a space, CityLife, which not only represents the largest urbanistic project in Europe, but also the most wide-spread pedestrian area of Milan, including important elements of innovation and sustainability.


          For more information visit our "The Gallery playlist" on YouTube.