Our new Global Advertising Campaign celebrates Generali’s agents

Human Touch, Innovation and Ownership: a long history of passion and dedication

We are very excited to share our new Global Advertising Campaign: a project that will tell the story of the Generali community, to celebrate our uniqueness and the strength of our ambition to become Lifetime Partner to our customers.


For the first time in Generali’s 189-year history, we have the chance to build a unique and distinctive global brand.


Generali puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. Through our Hallmarks and Behaviours, we innovate, simplify, tailor, take ownership, and above all, provide a human and caring experience.


Our new campaign celebrates this by letting the world know that:


  • We communicate with heart, soul, and pulse
  • Because red is not just our colour, it’s the colour of our passion and energy with which we stand close to our customers


And what a better way to launch our campaign than with our 155,000 agents? They are the human faces of our company. They make us different from the Big Blue competition. And they serve, advise, and tailor solutions to our 61 million customers, with passion and dedication, every single day.


Generali, Lifetime Partner.