Genertel best RC Auto insurance company 2016

Genertel, the direct insurance company held by Generali Italia, has won the Italia Assicurazioni Awards 2016 as best insurance company for Rc Auto in 2016.

In Europe, Generali is a leader in the car telematics sector. In 2011 the Group was a pioneer in the Italian market by introducing a pay-how-you-drive solution with Genertel, the first insurance company to sell policies online in the country. Not long ago Generali Italia also launched Sei in Auto con Stile, a pay-how-you-drive solution which communicates with the driver through Real Time Coaching, an interactive system aimed at educating on responsible driving. In September 2016 Generali announced a partnership with Progressive, a leader in car insurance telematics. This new collaboration will enhance the individual data analytics capabilities of both groups and bolster their product offerings. In mid-2015 Generali acquired full control of MyDrive Solutions, an English start-up leader in the use of data analytics tools for driving styles profiling.