confirms itself at the top of Webranking Europe 500

The Webranking Europe 500 classification, a yearly review drafted by Comprend that over the last twenty years has been evaluating corporate websites’ performance of leading European companies, has been published. In line with previous trends, Italian firms have once again topped the chart: alongside Snam and Eni, ranks 5th overall, with an increase of 4.4 points from the previous year and with an overall score of 87,8 points over 100.


It is key to highlight how such score confirms, once again, generali’s best practices within the insurance sector, where the average score is 49 points.


The attached comparative chart shows Generali’s virtuous path undertaken in terms of digital communication over the last years. Generali’s storytelling production, characterised by qualitative multimedia insights on and beyond insurance-related themes, the Investor Relations’ section and the presence of information rendered available to the Media, have all particularly been appreciated.


In a deeply dynamic and competitive business environment, this achievement demonstrates how Generali’s institutional webpage continues to play a key role within the multichannel forms of communication of leading insurance firms. It further shows how generali’s web page allows – alongside traditional communication channels and social media platforms – to reach and fulfil the interests of those who visit the website through both desk computer operations and mobile access. confirms itself at the top of Webranking Europe 500