Generali confirmed as Best in Media Communication in 2020

The Group received the BIC certification, created by Fortune Italia and Eikon Strategic Consulting, for the clarity, quality, completeness and accessibility of its communication in the year of Covid-19 

Generali was confirmed Best in Media Communication for the second consecutive year thanks to the clarity and quality of its contents, as well as for the accessibility and completeness of its communication in the year of Covid-19. The BIC certification, created by Fortune Italia in collaboration with Eikon Strategic Consulting, recognises that the Group enjoys “an excellent reputational positioning, a positive opinion of journalists - especially in relation to content, and the ability to communicate in a very effective way the image of a solid company, committed to acting during emergencies and oriented towards partnerships as well as national and international growth.”


In 2020, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Generali's communication activities quickly adapted to the new scenario, leveraging various dissemination channels - from press to digital communication and internal channels dedicated to Group employees – to explain the actions implemented by the Company in all countries of operation to protect customers, employees, families and businesses.


During the award ceremony, Roberto Alatri, Head of Group Media Content and Channels, commented: “The crisis caused by Covid-19 was beyond imagination. However, it highlighted the social role and the importance of insurance. At the most critical moment, Generali activated its global network of protection, setting up an Extraordinary International Fund of 100 million euros and developing initiatives to support the communities in which it operates and the real economy. It was a demonstration of the Group's immediate and concrete commitment in favour of people and their well-being, which is also an expression of our way of understanding sustainability.”


Generali is part of the Italian, European and international history and, as happened in the past, continues its commitment to protect and contribute to the well-being of the community. The way in which the Company communicates its objectives and its actions is an integral part of this commitment, and is confirmed by awards such as the BIC certification.

Generali confirmed as Best in Media Communication in 2020