Generali and EWC: a common commitment to diversity and inclusion

In 2018, Generali and the Group’s European Works Council (EWC), the body that represents European workers, launched an exchange process that aims to promote the culture of diversity and inclusion. The constructive social dialogue of this European venue, established in 1997, has once again produced a significant result with the signing of the joint declaration on Diversity & Inclusion, which was also signed by General Manager Frédéric de Courtois, in his specific role as Sponsor of the Group’s D&I Council, in Milan on 5 September. 

In accordance with the autonomy of the parties at the local level, through the joint declaration the signatory parties commit to concretely promote, in Generali’s companies, at various levels and geographic areas and in line with the HR strategy "GPeople" 2021, certain key points, including diversity as a source of enrichment, innovation and creativity; a more balanced organization between professional and personal life (work-life balance); and an inclusive environment, with full support for people with disabilities. 

Diversity and inclusion represent an important element for the three-year strategy Generali 2021, both to facilitate equal opportunities among employees as well as to understand the innovation necessary for business development and become a lifetime partner for our customers. 

As stated by Frédéric de Courtois, «Generali took another step towards a more innovative, safer and enriching work environment. I am proud to have signed the Diversity & Inclusion joint declaration, promoted by the Generali European Works Council (EWC), that represents the result of a shared commitment. With this document, our Group undertakes to promote a vision and an organization in which equal opportunities, sharing of ideas, cultural, physical and gender diversities are valued and considered as a source of enrichment, innovation and creativity». 

EWC Secretary Carole Bourner, present when Frédéric de Courtois signed the document, observed «the EWC wanted to put a new milestone in this long journey based on dialogue and started with the joint declaration on Telework in 2017. And Frédéric de Courtois’ signature, also as a Sponsor, clearly means that D&I is not only an HR topic but is also driven by the business».

During the event, the Group Chief HR & Organization Officer Monica Possa expressed her appreciation for the General Manager’s signature as the fitting conclusion of an effective and constructive dialogue with the EWC, an important step in social dialogue for the benefit of all: companies, employees and management teams. Thanking Carole Bourner as promoter of this joint commitment, Monica Possa also emphasised that « the joint D&I declaration is consistent with the Group's strategy, and constitutes an important trigger for the cultural transformation necessary to become a lifetime partner for our customers».