Generali VitalSigns&Care, the new app that puts technology to the service of preventive healthcare

Designed with global innovator providers, VitalSigns&Care allows users to self-monitor vital parameters and get personalized insurance, prevention and assistance services

Generali Deutschland announced the launch of Generali VitalSigns&Care, an innovative app that enables users to self-monitor four vital parameters (blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate and heart rate variability) through a smartphone camera only. It is one of the only few solutions worldwide capable of making use of this advanced technology.

Through VitalSigns&Care, Generali will offer personal care services as well as insurance solutions powered by cutting-edge technology at the service of customers’ preventive healthcare, strengthening the Group’s role as their Lifetime Partner. After the launch in Germany, planned during the first quarter 2021, Generali will explore options to extend the geographic scope to other markets.

Giovanni Liverani, CEO of Generali Deutschland, declared: “As a trail-blazer in the global insurance market, with Generali VitalSigns&Care we put advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to the service of our customers, in a way that is affordable, fast and easy. A new tool to promote prevention, which, as we learnt during the current Covid emergency, is of paramount importance, and to protect our customer’s life and health.

VitalSigns&Care is designed by Generali in collaboration with SDG Group, a global consulting firm specialized in data analytics, and the Israeli start-up, specialized in digital, video-based, AI-powered health and wellness monitoring solutions.