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          Generali Italia launched the campaign to combat the risks of natural disasters

          “Protezione Solidale” is the prevention and support campaign launched by Generali Italia to combat the risks and the consequences of natural catastrophes (earthquakes, floods, torrential rains).

          Through June 2018, with the fund “Protezione Solidale”, Generali Italia and distributors will donate a maximum of 6€ for every client who acquires a new insurance policy to protect their home, apartment, office or work activity with an insurance policy that provides coverage for earthquakes, floods or torrential rains.

          The fund “Protezione Solidale” will support future reconstruction projects in the areas that have been hit by natural disasters.


          This is a solidarity-based project designed for Italian families.  Through the distributors network, it aims to increase the awareness among clients on the importance of being protected from the natural disasters to which the country is most at risk.

          In Italy, 35% of the homes are located in high seismic activity areas and the percentage of homes at risk increases to almost 55% when the threat of floods is considered. Overall, 78% of Italy’s homes are exposed to medium or high risk posed by earthquakes and floods. However, the subscription of insurance policies covering natural catastrophes remains limited: only 2% of private homes and 5% of inhabitants are covered.


          To learn more, visit the website, where updates of the donation counter are available.