Generali Integrity Week: November 2016

Generali Integrity Week is a Generali Group global initiative – started in November 2015 – representing a common thread of engagement between compliance functions and business units. Its 3rd edition, aimed to strengthen internal integrity culture promoting high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. “Provide, protect, prevent” was the key message that Compliance teams across the world wanted to spread everyday providing tools and suggestions to protect customers and colleagues.

From 7th to 11th November each country of the Group chose a project that could give everyone the chance to learn more about what Compliance does. In the Netherlands, employees were asked to reply to some questions on the topic and tested on data breach procedure by receiving a fake email requesting sensitive information. Austria organized a roadshow with over one thousand people asked to complete an e-learning course on the Code of Conduct. Belgium rewarded the employee that submitted the most creative idea to develop Group integrity culture with a holiday voucher. In Panama, teams put together homemade videos about Conflicts of Interest. Therefore, thanks to this initiative, people had the chance to understand the importance of upholding our integrity culture in order to protect customers and maintain an open stimulating work environment, for the benefit of both company reputation and employees’ way of working.

Generali Integrity Week: November 2016 - Generali Integrity Week: November 2016