Generali Belgium launched a first for Europe: Generali Quick Quote

Generali Quick Quote is the first digital application in Europe able to calculate annual premiums on the basis of a vehicle photo.

The broker uploads a photograph of the vehicle to the app, along with the driver's age. Using geo-positioning and number plate identification, Generali Quick Quote then calculates the annual premium on the basis of the vehicle characteristics and a number of other parameters, allowing the broker to draw up a quote and submit it to the client within 60 seconds.

Thanks to this new digital system there is no longer any need to bother with the year of registration and engine cubic capacity as the system itself searches for all the necessary data.


For Generali Group technological innovation represents the engine of the 6 strategic actions identified for accelerating the implementation of industrial turnaround. In this way Generali Quick Quote marks a turning point in the world of car insurance and offers added value to the broker and the customer.