Calling for digital economy

The advent of the digital economy, the emerging technologies, the challenges around data protection and the changing nature of labour market have made transatlantic dialogue necessary now more than ever. European Horizons is a student-led and US-based think-tank aimed to explore the meaning and the future of a European identity, advancing topics as integration and relations between Europe and United States. The first European Horizons Youth Summit has been hosted on November 20th – 22th at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, with a particular focus on “Transatlantic Digital Economy”. Generali was one the main sponsors of the event, during which led a conversation on "Creating jobs at a time of industry distribution". This event was the occasion to bring together policymakers, experts, tech industry representatives and students from leading US and European universities to discuss the challenges and the opportunities that Europe, North America and the wider-world will face as our economies and lives increasingly become integrated with new and rapidly evolving technology.

Calling for digital economy - © Margret Morris