ARTE Generali: a journey alongside art lovers in the name of care, prevention and protection

ARTE Generali is standing up to the challenges of our contemporary world, promoting digitalization and supporting the world of art’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis​.

Being Lifetime Partner is a multifaceted journey that also means caring for and protecting art and cultural heritage, offering innovative, personalized solutions and services to collectors all over the world. This is the great ambition of ARTE Generali, the company that provides insurance and assistance services including restoration, transport and storage, as well as digital tools that make use of the latest technology.


Since it was presented in November 2019, ARTE Generali’s long-term purpose has been to foster the sharing of art and creativity as values for society by caring for the protection of any form of art and its transmission from one generation to another. On the way to reaching its goal, ARTE Generali is standing up to the challenges of our contemporary world: among them are an accelerated digitalization and the Covid-19 crisis.

The new App launched by ARTE Generali goes precisely in the direction of anticipating what is going to be the “new normal” for the art world: digitalization. It provides customers with a platform that simplifies administrative processes, facilitates contacts, and assists collectors with a remote evaluation of their art pieces. One of the advantages will be the possibility to join a community of art lovers and experts, and to regularly receive updated news on art market trends and invitations to exclusive art events.

The Covid-19 emergency has not spared the world of art: small art galleries, museums, art dealers and young artists are experiencing serious difficulties. This is why ARTE Generali has decided to support them in a concrete way, by establishing an award for the best digitalization projects that allow the whole community to enjoy art even at a time of lockdown and social distancing.

The latest news is ARTE Generali’s arrival in Dubai and the launch of a collaboration with Oman Insurance Company, one of the leading insurance providers in the Middle East. Through a joint best-in-class insurance solution, ARTE Generali will provide its insurance expertise as well as an agile platform for quotations, underwriting and claims management, while relying on Oman Insurance’s market knowledge and distribution network.

Currently available in Germany and UAE, ARTE Generali’s offer will soon be extended to corporate customers and cultural institutions as well as to additional markets including France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Hong Kong.

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