Generali awarded at the MF Insurance Awards 2023

A total of 15 awards have been given to some Group companies for products and services in the various award categories, confirming the acceleration of Generali's innovation strategy

Assicurazioni Generali, Generali Italia, Alleanza, Cattolica, Jeniot, and Welion: these are the most distinguished companies in the insurance industry according to the MF Insurance Awards 2023, which are conferred every year by MF – Milano Finanza of the Class Editori group to certify excellence in the insurance industry.

A total of 15 prizes were awarded to products and services in the various categories, confirming the acceleration of Generali's innovation strategy: from Assicurazioni Generali’s first place for Cyber Insurance innovative Solutions to the prestigious Milano Finanza Innovazione Platinum Award received by Generali Italia – which has “collected the most awards and mentions” – in addition to the “Innovazione Awards” recognitions received by Generali Italia, Alleanza, Welion and Jeniot. Generali Italia has also received two “Leoni d’Oro” and three awards in the “Compagnie di Valore” category for its achievements in the P&C detailed inflows rankings.

The MF Insurance Awards also recognised Generali’s sustainability commitment through two “ESG Élite” awards for 2022 green bond issue and best Standard Ethics. In addition, the Company received the “Insurance Élite” award for #1 shareholders’ equity and net result.


The awards

Assicurazioni Generali
  • First place for Cyber Insurance innovative Solutions awarded to Remo Marini, Head of Group IT & Operations Risk & Security
  • “ESG Élite” award for 2022 green bond issue, collected by Annamaria Bradamante, Head of Group CFO Office
  • “ESG Élite” award for best Standard Ethics, collected by Lucia Silva, Group Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • “Insurance Elite” award for #1 shareholders’ equity and net result, collected by Alexandru Popescu, Head of Group Cash and Capital Management


Generali Italia
  • Milano Finanza Innovazione Platinum Award, collected by Generali Italia General Manager Gianluca Perin
  • First place with special mention for the “Wealth - Scegli col Cuore per chi ami” product; award collected by Marco Oddone, Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer, and Giancarlo Bosser, Chief Life Officer
  • Special mention for “progetto Mike” in the “Insurance Elite – Cross: Journey to new it” category; award collected by Sergio Pirani, Head of Business Delivery & Smart Operational Processes
  • Three awards in the “Compagnie di Valore” category: best technical results for Fire and Natural Elements Insurance (award collected by General Manager Massimo Monacelli); best technical results for Other Damage to Property (collected by Tommaso Ceccon, Chief Property & Casuality); best technical results in the transported goods sector (collected by Franco Franzoso, Head of Global Corporate & Commercial di Generali Italia)
  • Two “Leoni d’Oro” awards for the best integrated campaign dedicated to Jeniot’s product “NEXT” (collected by Riccardo Acquaviva, Country Communication Director) and for the best product campaign in the third sector (Cattolica & No profit, collected by Samuele Marconcini, CEO Cattolica Assicurazioni))


  • “Talenti e Cultura Aziendale” award for Generazione Alleanza in the “Cross Insurance Élite” category, collected by Ezio Peroni, Head of Distribution


  • Special mention for the digital life coach “BeneFit” in the “Cross Insurance Élite - Corporate Welfare, Employee benefit” category; award collected by Barbara Ambrogioni, Head of Partnership, Services and Marketing


  • First place for the “Next - Il futuro della mobilità” product in the “Insurance Élite – Mobilità” category; award collected by Alberto Busetto, CEO of Jeniot
Generali awarded at the MF Insurance Awards 2023