#HeForShe: fifteen years yet for equality

#HeForShe: fifteen years yet for equality - ©Abaca

Putting an end to gender inequality informing, motivating and mobilizing men all around the world. This is the goal of HeForShe campaign, launched on September 20, 2014 by actress Emma Watson as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.  This initiative aims at achieving  social, economic, and political equality for women in every possible field within 2030 and, since it was launched, has received pledges from more than 450,000 men, among  whom US President  Barack Obama, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon, actors Matt Damon, Russel Crowe and Will Smith.

Generali Group endorsed HeForShe mission right from the start, thanks to Generali France particularly, the first French company to campaign in favor of gender equality and promotion of women’s role in both social and economic fields. The commitment of Isabelle Joshke, lone sailor  of the boat “Generali and Horizon Mixité” and president of Horizon Mixité association, who involved several members of the crew of the Route du Rhum regatta, encouraging them to take a stand for HeForShe, fits in with this outlook.


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