Shares history 1975

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 28 June 1975 voted to increase the company’s share capital from ITL 26,832,960,000 to ITL 41,143,872,000, as follows:

  1. bonus issue to shareholders, financed using the share premium reserve, of 2,981,440 new shares with a nominal value of ITL 3,000 each, in the proportion of one new share for each three shares held;
  2. issue against payment of 1,788,864 new shares with a nominal value of ITL 3,000 each, offered to shareholders in the proportion of one share for every five shares held for a price of ITL 3,000 each plus a premium of ITL 3,000 each;
  3. The dividend rights attached to the new bonus and paid shares shall become effective on 1 January 1974.

The aggregate premium on the shares shall be credited to the share premium account.
To confirm the bonus and paid issues, coupon No. 2 shall be detached from the certificates.
The related transactions shall commence on 18 September 1975; the pre-emptive rights shall expire on 3 November 1975.
After such time, any unsubscribed shares shall be offered on the stock market on behalf of the Company pursuant to Article 13, paragraph III of Italian Law No. 216 of 7 June 1974.
The resolution for the share capital increase was ratified by the Civil and Criminal Courts of Rome, through decree No. 4477 of 11 September 1975, filed with the Clerk of the Court of Rome of 16 September 1975.
The new share certificates issued and registered in the Shareholders’ Register in conjunction with this capital increase shall bear the letter “H” to indicate the new issue series; the new series shall be added to the key on sheet 72 of the Shareholders’ Register No. 76.
The transactions related to free assignment shall be completed, for the purposes of the relevant institutions on 3 November 1975; following such date, the transactions may be effected only through the Company’s Head Offices against presentation of the related share certificates Recordings up to this point are registered on sheet 72 of the Shareholders’ Register No. 89.
The offering on stock market of 13,960 options (equivalent to 2,792 shares) carried out pursuant to the aforementioned Law No. 216 was concluded on 15 January 1976, resulting in the subscription of the entire paid portion of the capital increase.