Shares history 1970

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 29 May 1970 voted to increase the company’s share capital from ITL 15,972,000,000 to ITL 22,360,800,000, as follows:

  1. bonus issue, financed with the “Foreign Real Estate Revaluation Reserve” (with no tax), of 532,400 new shares with a nominal value of ITL 3,000, in the proportion of one new share for every ten shares held;
  2. issue against payment of 1,597,200 new shares with a nominal value of ITL 3,000 each, offered to shareholders in the proportion of three shares for every ten shares held for a price of ITL 3,000 each plus a premium of ITL 3,000 each;
  3. the dividend rights attached to the new bonus and paid shares became effective on 1 January 1970;
  4. the aggregate premium on the shares was credited to the “share premium account”. The related transactions began on 25 June 1970; for the issue against payment, the deadline for the exercise of pre-emptive rights for shareholders residing overseas was 17 July.
    This resolution was ratified by the Civil and Criminal Courts of Rome by decree No. 3153 of 27 June 1970, filed with the Clerk of that Court on 3 July 1970, registered under No. 1136/477 of the Company Register and inserted in folder No. 258/21.