Shares history 1969

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 30 May 1969 voted to increase the company’s share capital from ITL 14,520,000,000 to ITL 15,972,000,000.
The increase, which was carried out free of charge to shareholders and financed using the “Foreign Real Estate Revaluation” (with no tax), was recorded on the share certificates with a stamp and involved the issue of 484,000 new shares in the proportion of one share for every ten outstanding, with dividend rights from 1 January 1969. The related transactions began on 1 September 1969.
This resolution was ratified by the Civil and Criminal Courts of Rome by decree No. 3257 of 27 June 1969, filed with the Clerk of that Court on 3 July 1969, registered under No. 1136/47 of the Company Register, inserted in folder No. 258/21.