Shares history 1954

The ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings held on 30 June 1954 voted to increase the company’s share capital from ITL 10 billion to ITL 12 billion by increasing the nominal value of the shares from ITL 3000 to ITL 6000 each, with dividend rights from 1 January 1952.
The increase, which was carried out free of charge by withdrawing the related amount from the “Italian Real Estate Monetary Adjustment Revaluation Reserve”, was recorded on the share certificates with a stamp.
This resolution was ratified by the Civil and Criminal Courts of Rome by decree No. 4059 of 6 August 1954, filed with the Clerk of that Court on 12 August 1954, registered under No. 1139/47 of the Company Register, inserted in folder No. 258/21 and published in the Official Journal of the Province of Rome, No. 65 of 17 August 1954.