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    At the November 2016 Investor Day we confirmed financial targets announced in May 2015 and announced initiatives to accelerate the execution of our plan

    To maintain the financial targets stated at the Investor Day of May 2015 we will accelerate our business initiatives. The improvement of our operating performance and the creation of long-term value are the two main priorities that we have identified.

    We will improve our operating performance acting on three levers: optimizing our international footprint, enhancing our technical capabilities and rationalizing our operating machine. Three further levers will bring us to long-term value creation: rebalancing our portfolio, innovating with customer and distributor focus and strengthening our brand.

    Strategic priorities and actions

    Improve operating performance

    • Optimize international footprint
    • Enhance technical capabilities
    • Rationalize the operating machine

    Long term value creation

    • Rebalance our portfolio
    • Customer and distributor Innovation
    • Strengthening the brand

    2018 targets confirmed

    • € 7 bln cumulative Net Operating Cash (2015–2018)
    • € 5 bln cumulative dividends (2015–2018)
    • € 200 mln net reduction of operating costs in mature markets* by 2018
    • 13% Operating RoE on average (2015–2018)

    * New target focused on net cost development. Prior ambition of €1.5 bln gross savings from 2012-2018 remains

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